auf einem Floß auf dem Landwehrkanal Berlin
2. August 2020

Gastgeber: Jean-Pascal Flavien, Betsy Clifton und Sam Chermayeff
Gäste: Daniela Blaschke, Hans Bilger, Philipp von Hilgers und Isabell Schrickell
Fotos: Sulamith Sallmann

A Weak Office is an unstable architecture office structured by exhausting and leveraging the contingencies of architectural practice. The office is established by artist Jean-Pascal Flavien, and architects Betsy Clifton and Sam Chermayeff. The office proposes a series of meetings wherein associates, sites, and buildings question, or are intentionally disengaged with the
parameters of architecture. 

Instead of one office with many meetings, we are an office of many with single meetings. A Weak Office is a floating office, subverting the necessity for an invariable or stable location, and therefore welcomes distraction. Sites for our meetings are chosen only under these conditions, and as such become the likes of a nightclub, a maternity ward, a swimming pool, or similar. 

The office is cast with invited, non architectural associates: two guests with professional expertise in their respective fields (such as a tailor, a chef, a doctor, a mechanic, etc.) In a similar manner, for each meeting we will consider the style of one photographer to document the event. These participants act as agents, not clients. 

The office is actualized by the event a single meeting with these participants, where occupation is used as an opportunity for alternate architectural material, and asks: what if your structure of thought or method was to be a building?